Improving Your Business By Using Attraction Marketing

Businesses may be averse to jump on the social bandwagon because of rumors it is only for teenagers and hip young citizens. Small businesses may think Facebook and Twitter are a desecrate of time and investment. With all the myths about social interaction, business owners don’t know where to begin. Chase away the myths and learn more about how it builds credibility and turns followers into customers.

1. Social Media Sells Products
Business owners often start out using Facebook and Twitter to post messages about their products. But social media is not the place for direct advertisement. It sells the company, the owner, and staff as likeable people who are also consistent and knowledgeable. Businesses can use social media for posting links to blogs or websites which contain advertising, but the preponderance of posts should be about what makes the company fun.

2. Social Marketing is Only for Big Business
Many small businesses can profit from regular use of social media to offer new information, links to newsletters, blogs or webpages. The more fans or followers a business has on Facebook or Twitter, the longer the list of likely customers. Not all followers convert to customers, but followers help brand your business and give credibility to your products and services.

3. A Considerable Investment is Required for Success
It is advisable to have an initial consultation with a professional to get you headed in the right direction with implementing social media strategies. However, you do not need to allocate a large amount of ongoing capital to ensure success. Have employees share posting responsibility, or set up automated posts for each week or month ahead.

4. Social Marketing is Just for Teenagers
A growing number of adults are regularly logging onto Facebook. Google Ad Planner reports 61 percent of Facebook users are age 35 or older. This demographic is looking for genuine interaction with friends and credible people to do business with. Miss out on advertising to this market and you miss out on customers with buying power.

5. You Have to be a Celebrity to Get a Following
Anyone can be profitable on social media by being themselves. For a business, the level of followers is less important than the quality. Post about you, the company’s manager or CEO, or the company’s goals. Write about struggles and happenings to show the human side of your company. Engage potential customers with a little personal information and a well told story.

Don’t pay attention to the myths about social media. Big businesses aren’t the only ones to gain from a Facebook page or Twitter account. Link to your webpage or blog where you sell products and services, but don’t use social attraction for direct advertising. Launch your small business into social media with a minimal investment, make contact with your target audience, brand your business, and build trust. Reputation and sales will follow.

The Mail Box Stores Franchise Review – Independent Business Opportunity

The Mail Box Stores is an independent franchise business opportunity in the mail box, packing and shipping industry. The program offers a business opportunity in the one-stop shop package and shipping services industry. Here is a simple review of the opportunity.

The Mail Box Stores is part of an every growing franchise business opportunity in the packing and shipping industry. The cost of starting this business for the entrepreneur looking is a liquid investment of $50,000 up front and a total investment $78K and up to $150K. For thos with a solid credit rating there are financing platforms available within the opportunity to help you get your business going faster.

The company believes they have thought of everything when it comes to getting you, the independent business owner, up and running fast and efficiently. Through one on one and a manual style training the opportunity will give you the ability to promote your products and services geared towards the packing and shipping industry. Included with the manual training will come with a personal trainer that will be with you from the beginning and throughout the whole opening of your business and through to the end. This is a massive plus for the individual as most franchise opportunities do not offer a true one on one coaching aspect.

The MBS has been helping many individuals find success with this particular business opportunity for over 12 years. The program is not however a true franchise business program as there is no royalty fee involved. Purchasing products and services that you will promote and sell will come through the MBS system. There
Is included over 40 different products and services that are included in the package albeit without any online or web presence, this will have to be sought out apart fro the program but is a necessity when it comes to driving prospects to your business.

The Mail Box Stores is a viable franchise business opportunity that will require working outside the home. Learning how to dominate your local search engine with your MBS business should be a must as most advertising is done online today. It is best to complete your due diligence before the investment of money and time before starting a business in any industry getting all your questions answered.